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How much can I usually make per trade when investing in binary options?

Profit potential varies from one platform to the next. The majority of binary options platforms offer up to an 85% return on initial investments.

Does it matter which underlying asset I choose to trade?

This will depend on your personal interests. Assets include commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. Choose what you find most exciting and go from there. When you trade around an asset that you find interesting and exciting, you will be more likely to stick with it longer.

How can I build a binary options trading strategy?

Building a workable strategy consists of many factors. It begins with researching your chosen asset as much as possible, interpreting fundamental and technical indicators, practicing risk management and disciplining your emotions.

What sorts of security features should I seek in a binary options platform?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection and double encryption are just two important factors to consider. Platforms that keep client accounts segregated in investment grade banks are also optimal, as are platforms that must meet minimum capital requirements and liquidity measures.

What expirations should I choose?

It depends on your trading strategy and whether you prefer short or long-term options. Expirations can begin at 30, 60, 90, or 180 seconds, move on to minutes, hours, days, months or a year.

What are commodities?

Commodities are a type of asset that encompass raw materials such as gold, silver, platinum, oil, coffee and corn.

What are the best hours to trade?

Optimal trading hours occur between the London-US overlap, usually between 13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT, this is when most traders are active.

What are SWIFT codes?

This is a unique code given to you by your bank. It is used when transferring money between banks.

What are the advantages of binary options?

Binary options are one way to generate profits in a relatively short amount of time. Most option expiries begin at 30 seconds and can end over a few weeks time. There are also known risks and rewards, an array of underlying assets to trade and it can be done from virtually anywhere around the world and at anytime.

What types of market analysis can be used to trade binary options?

Fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis are three types of analyses that are often used. Depending on your asset of choice and preferences, you can use one or more of each method to place trades.