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German InvestorsTrading Strategies For German Investors

Before beginning any new undertaking it’s always wise to have a guiding plan in place with your goals and milestones. This is crucial in binary options trading as it’s the difference between securing profits or enduring substantial losses. A sound trading plan consists of many factors including technical strategy, risk management and trading psychology. Resear...

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QuestionsQuestions Every German Trader Should Ask

If you’re looking to work with a new binary options broker, it’s essential to ask many questions no matter if you’re a professional or novice trader. If you have a bulletproof technical strategy in place, but invest your money with a questionable broker, then you will have drastically reduced your chances at success. A broker that is not willing to answer your questions or provides roundabout answers is a clear red si...

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Trading PsychologyHow To Manage Trading Psychology If You’re A German Trader

There are many aspects to creating a successful and sustainable trading system and one of the most crucial aspects by far is managing trading psychology. Unchecked emotions can often be a trader’s worst nightmare and can lead to misjudgment and spur of the moment decisions that set back profit potential in huge measure. Trading psychology is a concept that focuses on disciplining emotions such as anger, greed, fear and an...

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Identify FraudHow Germans Can Identify Fraudulent Brokers

You may have come across many attractive investment opportunities online, but it’s important to always be skeptical prior to investing personal funds. While many new binary options brokers have been entering the scene, they are not all regulated. One of the most important markers of broker quality is their regulation status...

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Common MistakesCommon Mistakes Made By German Traders

Because of the highly volatile nature of binary options trading and short expirations, there are many mistakes that can be made in the process of entering and exiting positions. Even with a bulletproof trading strategy in place, many unexpected variables can arise in the market and throw you off course. However, if you have a general idea of the various mistakes that can arise beforehand then you’ll know what to look out ...

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